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Secretary General of United Nations Mr A. Guterres

Secretariat UN
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Dr S.B. Stranders (Esq)
The Netherlands

December 24, 2017

Re: UN General Assembly Tenth Emergency Special Session: Illegal Israeli actions in Occupied East Jerusalem and the rest of the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Status of Jerusalem (Draft resolution by Turkey and Jemen December 19, 2017); Document: A/ES-10/L.22

Dear mr Guterres,

As for the above mentioned matter, I would like to call upon you. My identity is mentioned as undersigned. I am of Dutch nationality and my letter is written on private title.

The importance of this matter is growing day by day. Its developments are even more amazing. The status of Jerusalem in the Middle East conflict, the so called “heart” of the problem, has become more serious and urgent as a result of the adoption of the recent resolution. The world is holding its breath about what may happen in this explosive situation, while we are living in a world of terror and conflicts on a daily basis. I therefore hope that you are sharing my concerns. These concerns triggered me to write you about this important matter.

Having said this, it takes some imagination to know what the world will become when "some people in some countries" lose control and do stupid things. As you may know, the Middle East has been a box of gun-powder for decades. I am wondering for some time what UN is going to do about it. Speaking about decades, I would like to remember you of some basic facts in past world history, which are indisputable and should not be ignored by no one, nevertheless institutions like UN and Unesco and peoples like the Arabs still ignore and deny them. This resolution makes it even worse.

These basic facts are the Balfour Declaration (November 1917) on which the existence of the State of Israel is based, followed by the Treaty of the Paris Peace Conference (1919) binding by international law, the Agreements of the San Remo Conference (April, 25 1920), authorized by the Supreme Council of Nations at which the right and title of the Jewish claim over Palestine, Jerusalem included was recognised in exchange of the Arab claim over then Mesopotamia (Iraq). As the then called Leage of Nations (later UN) recognized all legal claims of the then Zionist Organisation, agreed upon at the San Remo Conference by the then Supreme Council of Allied Powers – USA, Britain, Italy, France, Japan (laid down in the Balfour Declaration), all these documents are signifing and containing the indisputable and irrevoccable right and title of the Jewish people to entire Palestine, Jerusalem included. I point out that the agreements at the San Remo Conference are crucial, judicial binding documents according to international law, which UN should be aware of. Regrettably UN do not mention it. It’s amazing! In no document it is said that Israël shall Indeed, Israël isn’t. In that respect I want to note that it is a shame that the (super wealthy) Arab countries like UAE, Saoudi - Arabia, Quatar a.o. as their bloodbrothers, never have taken notice of the Palestinians’ fate and have been treated them as "paria's" till today. On the other hand, EU is financing the Palestinian society by paying billions of Euro yearly (a bizar phenomenon) while terroristgroups like Hamas are daily using EU money by rocketing the civilians of Israël and killing innocent people. Why is UN a bystander and not a initiator of peace, the reason of its being, not condemning this bloodshed? It is a shame. Israël will take and has the right to take all the necessary measures to secure the lives of its citizens.

As you may know, Israël is commonly considered as the “stronger party”, while the Palestinians are called by public opinion as the “underdog”. This scenario is not up-to date any more. Israël isn’t the stronger party today, on the contrary, it has become “the underdog”.The result of the recent UN vote justifies this conclusion clearly.

The wars from 1948 does not change the indisputable and irrevoccable right and legal title of the people of Israël on its – not occupied – territory till today. The ongoing anti Israel actions, economic, social, cultural and political measures (not to forget UN sanctions (UNESCO) against Israël worldwide, the BSD boycots, numerous accusations of "Apartheid", the delegitimisation and demonizing of Israel etc. etc. show clearly evidence of the above mentioned powerchange. A direct causal relation is existing between ignoring the right and legal title of Israël as mentioned, ignored by UN and its member states, and these infamous and objectionable actions, the consequences of which could be disastrous for Israël. UN is not taking any action on this issue! The anti Israël actions has its roots in a lack of knowledge of history of these people as well as in categorally refusing to accept the above mentioned historical facts, which UN (and Unesco) and its member states has been displaying over decades.

You will understand that telling myths and lies and repeating them over and over again, bears the great danger of smoothly “transforming” them into facts as we see today. Telling myths and lies about this subject is all over in the worldmedia today. This phenomenon is spreading like an inkspot and it has a serious suggestive influence on public opinion, as we experience every day. Israël is tabooing. Stigmatising Israël and turning it into scapegoating is of a daily order.

The world has entered into an era where myths and lies are presented as concrete facts and fake news is of the same caliber. I refer in this respect to a wellknown philosoper Dr Oswald Spengler who, decades ago, wrote a book about the so called “Downfall of the Occident” He characterised the time when people transform myths and lies into concrete facts as “Die Umwertung aller Werte”. That’s exactly what is going on in today’s world.

As for the status of Jerusalem, I would like to point out that Jerusalem never was a divided city in a Western and Eastern part. The old city always has been “a four quarter city” in which its population has been living peacefully. The idea of a "divided Jerusalem" in East and West - the dream of the Arabs - is brought up by the Arabs and is an other myth presented by them in the sixties of past century (Yasser Arafat), using it as a political move and instrument to achieve Arab reign over all of Jerusalem. Although the Arabs have lived in Jerusalem for ages, it does not mean that their so called claim on Jerusalem is a valid and legal one. On the contrary, no genuine legal evidence whatsoever has ever been brought up by the Arabs or is at hand to confirm this claim. So their myth of a so called “right or title on Jerusalem” continues till today….

As for the UN resolution of December 21, 2017 adopted by 128 countries, 35 abstentions, 9 against and a lot more “no show” of countries who didn’t participate in the voting process as well as the so called “relevant resolutions of UN” from the past, I do conclude that all of these passed UN resolutions (see draft resolution) about Israël’s so called “occupation” of East Jerusalem and the rest of the so called ”occupied territories”, from an international law point of view, are legally baseless and are without relevance whatsoever. They are null and void.

Ignoring the existing historical facts by UN and its member states, mentioned above, implies at the same time the baseless, false and hypocrite points of view of these parties concerned and do not contribute whatsoever to a lasting peace in the region. UN has not been able for decades to bring about a firm point of view by putting the record straight,thus showing and confirming its ultimate faillure and that of its member states on this political issue. This resolution is again an intentional serious falsification of historical facts by UN and its member states. The resolution is not even binding in international law nor are all the resolutions from the past.

For your information, I would like to enclose a document about a superb historical and scientific research on the subject of Jerusalem by the well-known Dr Jacques Gauthier, Lawyer and Professor of Law in Montreal, Canada and titled " Sovereignity over the Old City of Jerusalem under international law". He is a fine lecturer and great speaker at world universities and governments as wel las symposia on the mentioned subject all over the world.

Yours Truly

Dr Siegfried B. Stranders (Esq)